Our First Project

The PUSH fund is currently funding its first project – the CSU-led Woodnote Student Coop. Located next to Parc Lafontaine in Montreal’s Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough, the building is set to house 144 students starting in summer 2020. The neighbourhood is arguably one of the most vibrant in the city and has been desirable to many students for a number of years. As the inaugural investment was made by the PUSH fund, which was the product of the Concordia Student Union donation, this project will prioritize students from Concordia University. Situated in an ideal location next to various types of public transportation, the Woodnote will be under 30 minutes away from the University’s primary downtown campus.

The newly constructed housing complex will have a range of suites between studios to four (4) bedrooms apartments where most of the units on the ground floor will also be fully wheelchair accessible. With a large indoor common space oriented towards collective use and studying, students living at the Woodnote will assuredly get to know their neighbours beyond purely immediate flatmates. Further, an inner courtyard is also available for use with green space and an clever design that maintains accessibility to all. Rental costs at the Woodnote aim to be 10 to 20% below the market median paid by post-secondary students in the district. Standard 1-year leases will be utilized with flexibility on commencement dates to accommodate students and the academic calendar.